Bigfoot Hunts Along The Outskirts Of Ranchers Property

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Bigfoot Hunts Along The Outskirts Of Ranchers Property

I have a small farm near Chemult, Oregon where I raise some turkey, chickens (for eggs locally), and, of course, a few cattle. I never expected, however, that Bigfoot would also be a part of the farm, but it was, at least for a season back in 1991.

I never put much stock into myths and fables, but this animal is not a myth, Bigfoot is real, and they eat meat so that you know. I have seen what it can do to a deer, and then once watched as it grabbed two of my turkey's and ran off with them.

Here's what happened, and what I know about the hunting habits of Bigfoot.

There are hunters, then there are the hunted.

Like I said, I have a small farm, I would not call it a ranch at all, not even close. I do enough business in cattle plus other meat and poultry to live comfortably out here near Chemult, Oregon, even today.

I've been an Oregonian all my life born and raised. I have heard of the stories of Bigfoot, after all, it is part of the culture here growing up. And while I have had friends over the years experience, or have experiences with these things, I never had myself, at least not until the early fall of 1991.

I was coming into turkey season, and while I am not Butterball, I have regular customers wanting some of the many, many turkeys I raised on the farm back then. Today I still have chickens, cows, but the turkey had to go for financial reasons in the 2000's.

Anyways, in the early fall of 91,' I started hearing some pretty weird sounds at night, and that all led up to a couple of scary finds, including a couple of turkeys taken and eaten, and a sighting of a Bigfoot I'll never forget.

Okay, maybe nightmare is a little much, but what it did, and what this thing is possibly capable of is the stuff nightmares are made of for sure. Now I know why one American President called this thing a monster... Read More Here.