Surfer Watches Bigfoot Watch Her From The Beach…

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Surfer Watches Bigfoot Watch Her From The Beach…

I am a surfer from northern California, and I am also a teacher at a private school, so I hope you do not mind keeping my name out of my encounter. But, one day while surfing, I watched a Bigfoot watch me, as he collected what I believed to be clams along the beach.

Sounds crazy I know, but it really happened and as a teacher in a private middle school in NorCal, I am now a researcher of this thing on the down low, of course.

Here is what happened that day.

The shark was actually scarier.

My husband and I are avid surfers, we have been since we met in Florida while in college and continue the passion here in northern California.

I have to say real quick that this was the second craziest moment in my life, the other being the day my husband practically had a heart attack when we both watched as a great white shark circled me, and then as I watched it glide right below my board one day.

I could have touched the thing if I wanted to. I didn’t though, and it swam off.

Personally, I was more scared at that moment then when I saw the Bigfoot watching me from the beach one morning.

We love to surf as I said, and usually, we hit the waves early in the morning before school starts, and once again after dinner before the sun sets completely.

It was early in the morning when the second craziest event in my life would happen, and just so you know, there was a little scary part to all of this, well, two scary parts to it.

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