The Blog & The Store. A Life Of PacWest Bigfoot...

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The Blog & The Store. A Life Of PacWest Bigfoot...


All things Bigfoot, and some family life I suppose here and there. Welcome to the My PacWest Bigfoot shop online!

First and foremost I want to thank you, the fan and friend who has come to love the PacWest Bigfoot Encounter Stories website and blog.

It was because of you that I started this whole journey, well, you and my mom. I have been asked by many, many of you to come out with some PacWest apparel, coffee mugs, and other swag, so, here it is, and thank you for pushing me in this direction, and to get it done, I greatly appreciate it.

It has been a journey here to tell you the truth, the whole PacWest Bigfoot site (and now brand) started out as a place to share some real-life encounter stories of my own, my mom's, and some friends of mine.

What was a place I created some great based-on-true stories about Bigfoot encounters in the Pacific Northwest has turned into a place where people can share one of the most incredible moments of their lives. I love my Pacific Northwest, and I love the legends, the folklore, and what we know is actually real, Bigfoot.

So, if you want to read some of the most popular based on true stories about Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest, then click here now.

And, if you want to listen to them, and interviews of real eyewitness accounts, then click here now.